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How do I earn rewards at Props?

You earn Props points (read: Props) every time you pay for your purchases with your Props linked payment card. The app automatically registers your purchases without the need for a loyalty card or other identification.


How do I use the Props points I have earned?

You can use your points in the Props Store for rewards and offers from our partners. Depending on the partner and the offer, Props points can be used directly for online purchases or as a promotional code in-store.

Will my personal data be shared?

Props will never pass on your data or sell your data to other parties.

Props and banking technology

As a Props user, you earn Props points worth money for your purchases. To make earning points as easy as possible, points are automatically accumulated for all purchases when you link your payment card to the service.

What are payment card transactions needed for?

Payment card transactions are needed to record points for your purchases. This means you don't need to use a loyalty card or any other form of identification, and your Props points are automatically recorded.

How are payment card transactions processed?

Payment card purchases are only used to record points earned on purchases. The transactions are machine-read and then the points are posted to your Props account. The transactions are not used for any other purpose than to record points and the data is not passed on.

Is it safe to link a payment card?


Connecting your payment card to Props is secure, the connection is secured and purchases are only processed mechanically.

Why do I have to link cards and accounts from different banks separately?

Each bank has its own process for linking card and account information. This means that cards from different banks have to be linked separately.

Why do I need to renew the linking of my payment card?

For security reasons, the linking of the payment card must be renewed every three months. You will receive a reminder well before the expiry date.

Can I accumulate Props points without linking a payment card?

With the Props service, Props points are automatically accumulated for purchases made with your payment card. Without a valid payment card link, it is not possible to accumulate points.

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